Revolution er mere end et ord

  • Titel: Revolution er mere end et ord
  • Forfatter: Gabriel Kuhn
  • Sidetal: 39
  • Stand: Ny
  • Udgiver: Hydra
  • Sprog: Dansk

En dansk oversættelse fra engelsk.

This snappy essay maps out where anarchism is at as a movement in Europe and North America, examining both its strengths and weaknesses. "Revolution is More than a Word" does not try to fit the present-day anarchist movement into a narrow ideological mould, rather it takes it as it is, and then proceeds to elaborate 23 theses, actually suggestions, as to what steps this wide and varied movement could take to make itself as relevant as a revolutionary force as it has been as a subculture.

As the theses conclude, "Pursuing revolution for revolution's sake is pointless. The only thing justifying a revolution is that it makes people's lives better. This must be reflected in everything revolutionaries do."

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